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Simply the Best

Modality Medical Spa offers holistic care to clients in medical dermatology, minor operations, aesthetic medicine and beauty treatments.


Our dedicated team are trained in delivering care for private patients, ensuring a bespoke treatment plan and continuity of care is created.


We draw on this knowledge to provide quality, high standards of care and aesthetic practice which has received the highest CQC recognition.

Each consultation is tailored to your individual needs. Our team work flexibly with energy and passion, and we will make sure you experience excellent treatment and care


Modality Medical Spa offers personalised aesthetic procedures tailored to your own needs. We offer one to one consultations to all of our customers before our procedures to ensure we deliver quintessential care and leave all of our clients feeling brand new. 

Woman Having Lip Botox
Image by Emiel Molenaar


We undertake medicals as part of an immigration assessment for. Your appointment includes a medical and a chest x-ray. You may require additional tests such as hepatitis B and C test, HIV, syphilis or blood tests which will be discussed on the day of your appointment, please note these tests incur additional charges. 

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